The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time for all persons involved and I offer caring and compassionate support for you and your family. That said we will work together to obtain all that you are entitled to receive under Florida law. 

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A Final Judgment that pertains to parental responsibility, timesharing, child support or alimony may all be subsequently modified by a supplemental proceeding.  A modification action may be brought when there is a substantial, material, unanticipated and permanent change of circumstances.

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A parent's rights can be terminated through adoption or through a 

dependency proceeding.

Relative adoptions may be brought by any blood relative within the third degree to adopt a child or adult.

A dependency action is brought by the State of Florida to protect an abused child.



Collaborative law is a relatively new method of dispute resolution that keeps parents co-parenting into the future for their children.  The concept is an alternative to traditional litigation, allowing families an opportunity to discuss and solve their problems with the help of attorneys and neutral professionals, such as a financial expert or mental health counselor. Through a series of meetings, the professionals guide the parties to a resolution that they design for themselves.  Co-parenting is possible with amicable resolution.



Paternity is established for two reasons: first, a parent who needs support for a child or second, a parent who pays support wants to establish his or her time sharing with the other parent.

A father who does not believe he is the biological father to a child may disestablish paternity and avoid child support.  Time is critical to preservation of the right to disestablish once there are facts known to do so or a paternity test is done.



If you are a victim of violence at the hands of a family member or violence at the hands of a broken relationship or a victim of stalking or cyber-stalking, Florida has laws that will protect you.  

If you are afraid of violence, you should immediately seek help by calling 911.  

FavorHouse of Northwest Florida is a shelter for protection:  850.434.1177.

Seek the help of others - they want to help.