Business Law and Real Property Litigation

Business Law and Real Property Disputes

If you intend to form a business, I can work with you and your accountant and assist you in preparing the documentation to form your business and your relationship with your business partners, as well as protect your business with trademark protection and properly drafted contract documents that will ensure your business success. In the event that you have a contract related dispute, I can assist you in the resolution of the matter.

Why should I form a corporation or limited liability company for my business? 

By forming a corporation or limited liability company, you can protect your personal assets from the liabilities of the business.  In addition, you can establish the rules and principles that will govern your relationship with your business partners.  Written agreements protect your legal rights and your investment in the business.  In addition, there are tax benefits associated with the type of entity you chose.   


Quiet Title Actions, including Tax Deed Quiet Title Actions

If you have a title defect or you have paid the ad valorem real estate taxes on a property for a period of years, you may need to bring a quiet title action to gain marketable title to sell the property.  

Partition of Real and Personal Property
A partition of real and/or personal property is brought when you and another owner(s) do not agree on the division of the property among you or you don't agree to sell the property and the credits and debits for taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs.

Replevin and Conversion of Personal Property

A replevin action is used to regain possession of personal property.  If you are unable to regain possession or the property is damaged, the alternative action is damages for conversion of the property to the new owner.  

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