Denise C., Pensacola, Florida


 To anyone who needs an extremely knowledgeable, professional, experienced, and compassionate attorney I give Jennifer Bushnell the highest recommendation without any reservation.  I had a very involved and complicated case of guardianship that had gone on for 7 years, began in another state, and had hundreds of pages of testimony when Mrs. Bushnell took my case.  Jennifer Bushnell got up to speed very quickly and was spot on with every single issue.  Her attention to detail and dedication is amazing and unsurpassed.  She was exactly like a compass and guided me to an amazing outcome I had almost given up on.  She developed a plan almost immediately and put that plan into action.  Her prices are very fair and reasonable, yet her representation in all areas and in the courtroom is beyond superior.  She was very compassionate to all of the family issues involved with my case, yet she was aggressive and showed a tiger like tenacity in the courtroom when necessary.  Her character is to be admired and she is well respected in the legal community.  She is very astute and her representation and dedication is unmatched. 

Deborah S., Massachusetts


 I worked with Jennifer around an inheritance issue and live in Mass. She was able to help me navigate through all the red tape and deal with local issues. I went through 3 lawyers who basically blew through my money and did not help me. Jennifer was able to get up to speed quickly and resolve my issue with being sensitive to my financial needs. 

Michael, Milton, Florida


 Mrs. Bushnell represented me in a very complex family law case. Throughout the process, Mrs. Bushnell was professional and compassionate to my situation. During the final proceedings, Mrs. Bushnell was thorough, aggressive, and diligent in her efforts to represent me. I have had used other civil litigators in the past, and Mrs. Bushnell's representation was by far the best I have ever personally received. She genuinely cares about her clients and their well-being, her attention to detail is unmatched, and getting the proper result for client is pursued with vigor and intensity. I highly recommend anyone in need of the service of a civil litigator to contact Mrs. Bushnell. We are very blessed to have such a dedicated civil attorney in this area. 

Scott & Suzanne


 My husband and I went to Mrs. Bushnell for our future planning and wills. She was very knowledgeable and took great care to explain every detail to us. She even came in on Saturday and met us because of our schedules. Excellent attorney but she really took the time to teach us what to do for our future planning. 



 I am a retired Circuit Judge and back in private practice since 2010. Part of my practice involves family law and as a Judge I presided over family law cases throughout by 20 year judicial career. I first became well acquainted with Ms. Bushnell as members of the local Inns of Court chapter. I regularly communicate with her concerning legal matters and refer cases to her because of my faith in her competency and adherence to ethical requirements. 



Jennifer and I were on opposite sides of a probate dispute. She was very thorough and very determined, yet easy to work with.